Goodbye September // Hello October

photo-7cropI can hardly believe it’s October! Where does the time go?!

I’m looking at another busy month ahead (and starting it off with a cold, no less) but I will definitely be making time for some fun Fall activities like enjoying pumpkin spice lattes, maybe pumpkin or apple picking and Oktoberfest!

Here’s a little look back at September’s outfits! Have a favorite?

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I hope…

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Girls Night Out Neon

Girls Night Out Neon #ootd

Girls Night Out Neon

While I love spending time with CMV, there’s just those moments when I miss my girl time! Like when I ask him which dress I should wear or what looks best and he says they all look good – very sweet, not true & I still don’t know what to wear! Luckily my friend Christine was feeling the same way and we made plans for a little girls night out at the ultra hip Fig & Olivein Newport beach! I’ve…

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abby-lately 9/29

NEW abby-lately 9/29

abby-lately 9/29

I think the best way to describe last week is, that I’m glad it’s over? Let’s just say it wasn’t the best week ever. Besides CMV being away and it being it a crazy busy work week, I woke up Thursday morning to my front door open. Needless to say I had “minor” freak out and of course called the cops etc. I powered through work, albeit with a lot of anxiety and a major headache. We aren’t really…

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Beauty Buzz: Exfolimate


“Are you the bridesmaid with a fashion & beauty blog?”

said an Australian gentlemen to me as I was wolfing down a turkey and cheese sub. “Why yes!” I said. It was the day before my best friends wedding and I was at her family’s gorgeous NH house enjoying a BBQ. This man happened to be the cousin of the groom’s mother and he had come half way around the world to celebrate the nuptials. He also…

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Layering with Old Navy on Glitter Guide


Hi Guys! I’m so excited to share a little preview of a shoot I did for Glitter Guide on Fall layering! While it was almost a 100 degree day here in California, it was so much fun styling this outfit and made me extremely excited for Fall fashion! Head on over to Glitter Guide to check out the full post!

Photos by Ariane Moshayedi!


Thanks for all your love and support!


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Sweatpant Chic

Sweatpant Chic #ootd


On weekends CMV and I are trying to get out and explore a bit more – for one of the days at least! Exhausted from the past week and not wanting to get dolled up, I put on my favorite sweatpants as of late. While I made a silent rule to myself around age 25 not to wear sweatpants out and about (ala college), I’ve definitely not abided on more occasions than I care to admit. I mean they’re just so…

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Leopard in LA

NEW #ootd // Leopard in LA

Leopard in LA

Last week I went into LA for an event for work….

That morning I thought I knew what I was going to wear, but when I put it on, it just didn’t look right! I played around with several pieces before getting discouraged and deciding on this combination. With a leopard print dress, a little bit of denim, pink & some sparkly statement earring I thought I couldn’t go wrong. But while I do like this…

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abby-lately 9/22

This week was definitely less stressful than the week before and I was able to relax a bit and get outside – although it’s still been SO hot out! Besides my usually activities (coffee, work, running etc), I went into LA for a work event on Wednesday and it was so gorgeous! I enjoyed listening to some great music, wine, mini maple donuts and making flower crowns. It made me feel so lucky to…

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Links Love & Other Random Stuff…

Loving these pieces this week…


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These cat eye pro-tips are great!


I’m clearly not using my dry shampoo enough!

These DIY decorative trays are so cute!

Tiffany Pratt DIY Tray_Annawithlove--43

How to take the most flattering photo

I’ve already seen people on Instagram go here and SO want to go – but I can’t because it’s too far away!

Trying to live by this quote lately


Loving everything about thi…

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Playing Around in PINK

Playing Around in PINK today!

Playing Around in PINKMy favorite thing about fashion is that it’s FUN! I love to play around with different pieces, mix and match, try new things – if the outfit ends up not looking great – I do something different next time! I’ve been slowly going through things I have in my closet right now to see where the gaps are and what I might need for fall etc. when I came across one of my summer beach cover ups. I loved the…

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